WANTED! Abortion Clinics and Providers

WANTED! Abortion Clinics and Providers

After reading this article by the National Partnership for Women and Families, I am thoroughly convinced

that the fight against the abortion movement resembles the witch hunts of the 1600s. It seems that even after all this time, the hunt for "evil-doers" just never ceases.

In the recent case in North Carolina, Rev. Philip "Flip" Benham was convicted of stalking an abortion provider and sentenced to two years of probation. He was also told to stay 300 feet away from abortion clinics and 1,000 feet of a provider's home.

According to the Observer, Benham has been on the hunt for abortion clinics and providers for a decade. Doctors and abortion providers are scared out of continuing services for women who are guaranteed the right of choice by the United States government. Death threats are no joking matter- and that's what's been happening across the country in the abortion front. Abortion provider George Tiller was murdered in Wichita, Kansas in 2009. This is a serious and unfortunate crime that very few people know about.

Pro-life advocates are trying to induce fear by threatening those who stand in their way- sometimes taking it a step too far. We need to start educating ourselves on the issues and become more aware of the threats ensued upon abortion clinics and providers nationally.