June 2014

“Today’s opinion makes it more important than ever that the police enforce the laws that do exist that in order to ensure that women and staff can safely enter and leave abortion clinics,” the ACLU said, noting that it was a “hard case” for the court.

It's wonderful to see not only a father share that he is a feminist, but to lay down some pretty awesome rules for dating his daughter that put the choice and control in the hands...of his daughter. We need more dads like this one!

A four-day Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict opens in London Celebrities like William Hague and Angelina Jolie join women from all across the globe to discuss what's at stake in ending rape culture within wartime/wartorn regions
Check out recent Rachel Maddow report on left opposing recent judicial nominee Michael Boggs while laying out the context for the dangers of creating registry for Abortion Providers. This is a re-blog from Naral's June 4 blog (http://www.naral.org)
A few great sisters in the struggle have passed recently. we'd like to pay tribute to the incredible contributions they've made in their lifetimes to our collective freedom.