When it comes to civil rights in the US right now there seems to be a counterintuitive movement between various factions. For LGBT, marriage equality is in a positive upswing and acceptance; for women's reproductive rights it is, sadly, eroding day by day despite the fact that Roe v. Wade was 50 years ago. Even the legalization of pot is getting better approval and results than abortion... The question is, why is this?  Jay Michaelson offers a few interesting theories.

Becky Hammon, 37, a six-time All-Star with the WNBA's has just been hired as a full time assistant coach to the Antonio Stars. She will be the first women ever in NBA history to be hired as any type of coach in the NBA period (and the first in all of the NFL and MLB). If the glass backboard behind the hoop is women's proverbial NBA glass ceiling, Hammon just shattered it in an awesome slam dunk. 

above photo citation: Rescue workers search for victims as Palestinians gather around the wreckage of a house destroyed in an Israeli airstrike that killed at least nine members from the al-Ghoul family, in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, Aug. 3, 2014. (photo by REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa) Read more:

we are pleased that awareness and activism around sexual assault on college campuses has not been swept under the rug during the summer recess. this issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education included an informative article on the Senate bill that would obligate colleges to provide greater resources for victims of sexual assault and greater cooperation with law enforcement.

GITMO DETAINEES DEFENSE CITES HOBBY LOBBY CASE "Why are the authorities at Guantanamo Bay seeking to punish detainees for hunger striking by curtailing their right to pray? If, under our law, Hobby Lobby is a ‘person’ with a right to religious freedom, surely Gitmo detainees are people too,” said Cori Crider, an attorney for the detainees and a director at Reprieve. How can the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby ruling and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) protect the rights of detainees and "enemy combatants"?
An analysis of the Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby and Reproductive Justice by Katherine Franke director of the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law at Columbia Law School.* *this is reposted from the Astraea Foundation's Newsletter for July 14, 2014

another supreme court ruling out of tune with the real state of affairs for women's access to healthcare and reproductive justice. this time corporations have religious feelings to consider while their employees lose access to safe and legal contraceptives and health care resources and benefits.

It's wonderful to see not only a father share that he is a feminist, but to lay down some pretty awesome rules for dating his daughter that put the choice and control in the hands...of his daughter. We need more dads like this one!

A four-day Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict opens in London Celebrities like William Hague and Angelina Jolie join women from all across the globe to discuss what's at stake in ending rape culture within wartime/wartorn regions