I've been trying to find sources to provide perspective, information, and analysis about the situation in Gaza at a moment when western media overwhelming falls into spin and imbalanced reporting. 

here are some resources i've found to cobble together a view that recognizes the political and human rights of Palestinians:

current events...


the guardian

international middle east media center

NYtimes censored?

letter from tel aviv

Al Monitor's Palestinian Pulse

Al Jazeera English  ( readers in the u.s. -- if this transfers you to america.aljazeera scroll down to the footer menu and choose to visit al jazeera english. you will only be able to access print/image not video or radio/audio)

Al Jazeera Arabic

electronic intifada

and EI blog (great links)

Press TV



streaming video:

Israel+Palestine 101

#gazanames project

educational videos on occupation of Palestine

from Ireland

drawing war by lena merhej (this is an account of the lebanese war - and yet provides insight into how to creatively engage with violence and memory)


if you are all about twitter:






ongoing analysis...

the palestinian national initiative

the world must intervene by Moustafa Barghouti

from july 1, 2014 -- so long ago now

wall and the eye -- interview with Eyal Weizman


interview w/Judith Butler on OpenDemocracy

a project by dorit naaman


get active ...

Jewish Voice for Peace


brooklyn for peace vigil nightly 5-8p at Lafayette/Fulton 


BDS Movement

an  new app to track your consumer support = buycott


this is only a small bit -- hopefully each of these will lead you to more links + info and understanding and action.