Home Caller

Dear Employer,

Have you ever been awakened on a Saturday morning by one of those telemarketers?  You fumble for the phone while surfacing from your deep sleep and after a few minutes find yourself talking to a total stranger who is perkily asking you questions about your toothpaste use.  Enraged, you mumble profanities, slam down the phone, and try to go back to sleep, but of course you cannot sleep - you are too mad.  You are mad because this telemarketer has violated your personal space.  They have brought the dirty world of commerce into your home - even into your bed!  Think about that feeling for a minute and the multiple fantasies you have after hanging up about beating someone to death with your phone receiver.  Now remember that rage next time you call your employees at home.

One of your employees has contacted us and alerted us to your invasive phone tactics. A salary and a contract is not a 24 hour commitment!  Even if you were willing to
pay overtime for all the times you called your employees at home, it is inappropriate, unnecessary and annoying.  Stop it!

If you believe you have received this letter in error, consider the following:

-- How many times have you called any of your employees at home in the past week?  If the number is greater than zero, then it is too high.

-- Have any of your employees ever called you at home?  Only perhaps in the case of an emergency - and you should follow their lead!

After spending 8 hours a day with your employees with the knowledge that they will reappear in yet another 16 hours, your need to call them at home only demonstratesyour own lack of organization and planning.  If you have an urgent message that you are worried your might forget, do what the rest of the world does - write it down and give it to them the next day!  You can even email it to them at work or leave it on their office voice mail.  But do not call that home number.  Your employee was not wired with a Global Positioning System when they signed their employment contract.

If you're so hung up on using the phone, maybe you have a problem and ought to get some help.  Or get a life.  We would recommend the following number as much more productive distraction:


With all due respect,

(a.k.a. The Commission for Caller ID)

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