1. NY State participates in designing a form that abortion providers use for reporting to the state. The form requires: identification of the facility at which the abortion was performed and the physician performing the procedure; patient's demographic characteristics (eg, age, race, ethnicity, marital status and number of previous live births); gestational age, and abortion procedure used. NY STATE COLLECTS DATA ON THE FOLLOWING: Method of Payment, Complications, Reasons for Procedure (only if it's due to woman's health/life, fetal abnormality, and/or anything other than rape/incest)
  2. Miss. Code Ann. §§ 41-41-31 (1991), 51, -53, -57 (1986), -55 (1986). If a pregnant minor seeks an abortion, the state requires the consent of both parents, unless under circumstances of parental incest, or divorce, in which case only one parent's consent is required. Unless the minor receives permission from a judge, parental consent is required, even if the minor is a child abuse survivor.
  3. An abortion clinic must maintain ultrasound equipment and perform an ultrasound evaluation for any woman who chooses abortion after 12 weeks. (Enacted 1999; Last Amended 2000)