1. Pre-Roe V. Wade abortion ban still on the books: States that should a person have an abortion knowingly and willingy, unless it is a result of rape or if the pregnancy endangers the mother's health, the individual can be sent to prison for 1-10 years. The law has been determined unconstitutional in court; however, the law remains unrepealed
  2. Minors may consent to: contraceptive services, STI services, prenatal care, adoption, medical care for a minor's child. They do NOT need parental consent for abortion services.
  3. Pending Law: HB1390: 2012. Requires that all abortion providers in clinics be OB/GYN's and have access to local hospital facilities. As of July 11, 2012, the Supreme Court has filed an injunction blocking the law from going into effect as there is only one clinic in the entire state of Mississippi that provides abortions prior to this law. Neither of the two doctors providing the only access to abortion in Mississippi have hospital privileges. Should this law go into effect, that clinic will close, leaving Mississippi residents no local/in-state access to abortion services. The injunction does not prevent the law from coming into effect; rather, it gives the clinic a grace period in which they can continue providing its services without fear of criminal prosecution, while they attempt to come into compliance with the law. As of November 28, 2012, the one remaining clinic will close unless a judge extends the reprieve.