1. Medical facilities under a "health service district" program may not administer any medication or employ any other means to cause an abortion. Such facilities may not contract out abortion services. (Enacted 1972; Last Amended 1993).
  2. NY State voluntarily provides public funding for all or most medically necessary abortions (voluntarily provided under Medicaid)

  3. Counseling and Mandatory Delay: 1991. The pregnant individual seeking an abortion must have a physician inform them of 1. the gestational age of the fetus 2. the medical risks of an abortion (including infection, infertility, and breast cancer) 3. the name of the abortion provider and 4. any risks with carrying the pregnancy out. Following the information provided by the physician, the individual must wait 24 hours before the procedure. Additionally, the individual must physically attend a lecture where a physician will detail 1. resources for prenatal, childbirth and post natal care 2. that the "father" is liable for child support 3. resources for alternative to abortion. 4. describe the physical characteristics of the fetus in two-week increments, including its possibility of survival after the procedure, with enlarged color photos of the fetus(Aug. 1996). 5. restate the medical risks of having an abortion.