1. NY State prohibits certain specified actions aimed at abortion providers: obstruction, threat, and damage. In NY State, telephone harassment is NOT illegal. NY State also does not have a protected 'bubble zone' (a specified area in which protesters/opposers cannot enter).

  2. NY State participates in designing a form that abortion providers use for reporting to the state. The form requires: identification of the facility at which the abortion was performed and the physician performing the procedure; patient's demographic characteristics (eg, age, race, ethnicity, marital status and number of previous live births); gestational age, and abortion procedure used. NY STATE COLLECTS DATA ON THE FOLLOWING: Method of Payment, Complications, Reasons for Procedure (only if it's due to woman's health/life, fetal abnormality, and/or anything other than rape/incest)
  3. Minors may consent to: contraceptive services, STI services, prenatal care, adoption, medical care for a minor's child. They do NOT need parental consent for abortion services.